Terms and Conditions of Service

By using the "findhit" application, or any other service of "Junglecloud, Lda" or its affiliates, you agree and be bound by these terms and conditions.

  1. Privacy

    The privacy of your users is paramount to findhit and its affiliates. Here are our privacy terms and conditions.

  2. Content sharing

    1. The User is responsible for all the content you post to findhit.
    2. When you publish content using the Public setting, you are allowing all users and visitors to findhit to access that content.
    3. In order to improve and adapt the service to the Users' suggestions, findhit may use this information and suggestions and apply them in the application and therefore have no obligation to compensate Users who publish them.
    4. When you remove content from your account, this information is archived and is no longer available to the user or any other User.
    5. All content you publish will have as its copyright the findhit.
  3. Security

    1. Security is the most relevant of findhit's priorities. We make every effort and use all due diligence and functionalities to keep your users' data safe. We use the most advanced encryption and data protection systems to avoid any kind of information leakage or sharing. In order to ensure, as far as possible, the protection of our users' data, we need your cooperation in respecting and observing the following rules:
      1. Links, applications, content or other features commonly known as "malicious content", including viruses and spam, are not allowed to be published;
      2. A User is not permitted to request the credentials of another User, as well as to access the third-party User account without their respective authorization;
      3. Harassment, intimidation, slander and any publication that in any way jeopardizes the decorum and reputation of other Users is expressly prohibited and subject to censorship, suspension or prohibition;
      4. Illegal marketing practices, such as "pyramid schemes" and others that findhit may deem to be inappropriate for the general principles of competition and commercial policy of the site, are not permitted;
      5. The use of findhit is not permitted for illegal, malicious, discriminatory, racist or any other purposes that are found to be illegal and illegal;
      6. It is not allowed to facilitate and / or encourage violation of findhit terms and conditions;
      7. The use of programs or any other type of tools to generate or create instability in the servers, as well as to jeopardize the correct functioning of the service, is strictly forbidden.
  4. Geolocation sharing

    1. The user's geolocation function will only be activated by your option in the respective area.
    2. By opting for the geolocation feature, you agree to all of its terms and conditions.
    3. Since the geolocation option is active, the user's hardware or mobile device periodically sends the geographic coordinates of the location where it is located, which will be observed through a point on the map.
    4. Only users who have reached the age of eighteen may choose to share their geolocation, ie their location on the map. Geolocation sharing has the ability to receive permission filters so that the User chooses who the third parties have access to that information.
  5. Account registration and security

    1. When a visitor to the site registers, becoming a User:
      1. You agree to all terms and conditions of service and privacy;
      2. Confirm that the data entered is true and belongs to you, thereby agreeing not to create accounts for third parties or "clones";
      3. Assume full responsibility for this account;
      4. You agree not to share your password;
      5. Agree to keep account information up to date;
      6. Claims that you do not have any active account or record on findhit;
      7. Agree that your age is not less than 13 years;
      8. You agree not to transfer the account to any third party without its authorization from findhit;
      9. You agree not to commit any act that could jeopardize the security and stability of your account, accounts of other Users and the site in general.
  6. Protection of third party rights

    1. Copyright-protected content is not allowed to be published without the permission of the copyright holder.
    2. Findhit reserves the right to remove any type of content or information published by the User if it considers that the content posted violates our terms and conditions as well as our marketing and advertising rules.
    3. Findhit reserves the right to disable any User account if it violates our terms and conditions frequently.
    4. Users may not use the "findhit" mark (unless otherwise authorized in writing).
    5. Users may not publish information regarding identification documents as well as financial information.
    6. Any violation of the terms and conditions should be reported through the tools we provide for this purpose.
    7. Users can only collect information from other Users if they consent.
    8. Findhit gives its Users the opportunity to claim for their services, should any of their publication be withdrawn or be published by other Users without their consent, with the exception of publications with the choice of "Public" .
  7. Mobile devices

    1. Findhit provides your application for mobile devices free of charge with the necessary features to support it.
      If you use the application through a communication operator, the respective data transfer rates and fees are applied and do not apply. Have any relation to findhit, these fees being a cost of the operator.
    2. For the app to work properly on mobile devices, you need to:
      1. Connect to the server via an internet connection to transfer application data;
      2. Accept all requests for permissions, listed during installation and execution, following the instructions;
      3. Allow application to retrieve user data;
      4. Choose the option that allows you to use the geolocation service by accepting and declaring to be aware of all terms and conditions of the same;
      5. Keep the User data updated, including the mobile number if provided by the User;
  8. Payments

    Information available soon

  9. Social Plugins

    1. If you include one of our plugins on your site, findhit authorizes the use of these plugins with the following additional conditions:
      1. As long as the purpose of the User is to advertise your business, your page or the findhit application;
      2. If the site, when published on findhit, does not violate the terms and conditions of service.
  10. Commercial users

    1. Commercial user is the one that contracted with Junglecloud Lda conditions for the sale / disclosure / exploration of its business activity through the acquisition of an "internal site" or other form of advertising publicity. This, besides being also covered by the general Conditions of User, must:
      1. Effectively carry out a legal and properly registered business activity under penalty of rejection / removal in compliance with all business rules;
      2. Make payments in accordance with point 8 of this document;
      3. Suspend or request at any time the suspension of the "internal site" or other form of contracted advertising, but there will only be a proportional chargeback if the reason is attributable to findhit;
      4. You may not use findhit to disclose an activity that is the same, similar, or competing with your activity.
  11. Termination

    1. The user who does not respect these terms and conditions, which creates situations of legal, functional or other risk to the "findhit", will have as penalties the admonition, suspension or withdrawal of the account according to the severity of the act (S).
  12. Settings

    1. The term "application" means the site www.findhit.com and the mobile application findhit.
    2. The term "data" means all information processed in respect of one or more Users
  13. Changes

    1. "findhit" reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use of the site without prior notice, but such changes must be published.